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About Chinese Taipei School in Kuala Lumpur

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Chinese Taipei School in Kuala Lumpur was founded in 1991 and is an Expatriate School.

Besides classrooms, we have laboratories, language lab, music room, cooking room, art and crafts classroom, dancing room, computer room, which are well-equipped.
Student indoor stadiums and libraries are the best places for indoor and outdoor activities.
For primary and secondary we follow Taiwan’s educational schedule, the first term starts from September to January, and the second term starts from February to June.


There are around 3 weeks’ holidays for winter vacations in January and about 2 months’ of holidays for summer vacations from July to August. The total period for a year will be 200 days.

We use the teaching materials from Taiwan to connect with Taiwan’s courses. Provide the chance for Taiwanese students to have further study in Taiwan when they have graduated.
The total amount of students is around three hundred, with one class for each level starting from primary to secondary. Teachers work with individual children. The classroom is designed for 25 people maximum.
For kindergarten, we follow Malaysia’s educational schedule, and we accept Malaysian applications as our students in kindergarten. The total amount of students is around one hundred and eighty. Three levels for kindergarten,.
For English, we do not use a leveling system. Mostly our English teachers are native speakers to have our students get used to the native tone of the English language. At the same time, we also focus on the competence of reading and writing. English class not only used Taiwan’s textbooks but also used other overseas textbooks. For the student to proceed to another level, the student must pass the English examination. We will also provide Bahasa Malayu lessons for the students. Foreign students will be provided with Mandarin classes. Extra class / Tuition will be provided for weak students.